Email Marketing Platform with over 100 easy to use features. Here’s an outline but best to take the free Trial.
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Ezine.ie - Design a template
Design Beautiful Emails

You can build your own emails using set templates which are designed to look good across all patforms

Ezine.ie - Send emails
Send Emails

The interface to send email couldn’t be easier – to check it our properly, why not try it out for free?

Ezine.ie - Track activity
Track Activity

Monitor openings, click-throughs, forward-ons, those who unsubscribed, all bounces and much more stuff!

Ezine.ie - Manage Subscribers
Manage Subscribers

You can re-organise the Look & Feel of the subscription process – just as you want it.

Ezine.ie - Social networking
Social Networking

The Facebook app lets your supporters subscribe straight from your Facebook account.

Ezine.ie - Personalise email messages
Anti-Spam Measures

Genuine emails should get delivered. We follow best practice and we work closely with customers to ensure your campaigns are seen.

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